Tool to Recover Deleted Music from Recycle Bin

  • A smart tool that retrieves music files that are deleted from the recycle bin folder on Windows
  • All editions of Windows OS are well-supported by this utility
  • Restores music, pictures, videos etc. having any file extensions
  • Uses the advanced recovery algorithms to securely extract files from the storage drive
  • It is also capable to perform media restoration from various external storage drives

Windows systems are been highly preferred by a lot of users across the globe world as it is user-friendly when compared to any other operating system. It allows you to stores a wide range of files that include your extensive music collection, precious pictures and video clips, crucial office and educational documents or any other data. Windows OS is loaded with many features and Recycle Bin is one of them. Recycle Bin is the temporary data storing device that temporarily saves the files after unintentional or intended deletion. The size of the Recycle Bin folder is 10% of the size of hard drive storage space and can hold erased files up to this limit, if oversized it bypasses the files resulting in data loss.

Are you the one who has accidentally deleted some of the precious music files stored in the Recycle Bin which you wanted to restore it? If yes, Emptied Recycle Bin recovery application is the most comprehensive program which will help you to recover deleted music from Recycle Bin with utmost ease so that you can enjoy listening to the beloved music one again. By the use of this retrieval toolkit, even you can effectively restore deleted large files just in a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Now before we see how the software actually works, we should also be familiar with the reasons which are responsible for deletion of audio files from Windows Recycle Bin.

Scenarios of Music files being erased from Recycle Bin:

Inadvertent deletion: This is a common human mistake that often takes place by the user due to carelessness. How does it happen? There are chances that while deleting some unwanted music files you might have selected some of your favorite songs and deleted it which were further stored in Recycle Bin. Later when you wanted to recover the file from Recycle Bin in haste, instead of hitting "Restore" option mistakenly you clicked "Delete" option which resulted in the permanent deletion of files and thus you lost your audio songs.

Emptying Recycle Bin: By mistake, the users might delete some of their precious music files and some of the media and other data files by choosing "Empty Recycle Bin" option available on the Recycle Bin. This would result in deletion of files completely from the computer and people start thinking that the files can't be restored back. This is not true, we can easily recover deleted music from Recycle Bin after emptying it unintentionally using recovery tool. You can even retrieve documents from recycle bin which can be in any file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. within a short period of time.

Bypass of deleted files: When the Recycle Bin is overloaded with deleted files and does not have sufficient space to hold any new erased music files then under this critical situation Recycle Bin bypasses the older deleted files in order to store recently erased data files or even bypass the newly deleted files. This would lead to loss of your valuable music files because the file which has been bypassed might be important to you.

Whenever you delete any file from Recycle Bin of the computer, the operating system will only erase the pointer to the file and the deleted files will remain intact on the same memory location until it gets overwritten by some other data files. So, do not use the hard drive to avoid overwriting of files which enhances the chances of file recovery.

Note: It is advised to check the Recycle Bin twice before emptying the Windows Recycle Bin and always keep backup of precious music files and save them on some effective secondary storage device so that you can get back files when you get stuck under some data loss situations.

Emptied Recycle Bin recovery utility is the best tool that is highly reviewed by technical experts having experience in creating data recovery products. It contains a scanning engine that scans each and every sector of your hard disk in order to identify the file types and retrieves music files by its unique file attributes. You can even use this utility to retrieve folders deleted from recycle bin folder within few simple mouse clicks.

The software can also find files from various external storage devices on the computer such as flash drive, iPod, memory card, etc. You can run this software to recover deleted music files from different hard drive types like SCSI, SATA, IDE and more. This application allows you perform Windows 7 Recycle Bin data recovery along with other Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 8 computers at your fingertips with accuracy. It lets you to save the recovery session in between of the scanning process in order to avoid rescanning of the drive. This tool can also achieve deleted video recovery from recycle bin of different file formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV etc.

How to recover deleted music from Recycle Bin:

Step 1: Download this rescue software and do the installation on the hard disk of Your Windows PC. Double click the desktop icon to launch the tool and select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen as shown in Figure A.

Recover Deleted Music from Recycle Bin - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose "Recover Deleted Photos" in order to scan the deleted music files from Recycle Bin. This option can restore all other media file types like music as shown in Figure B.

Recover Deleted Music from Recycle Bin - Select Recover Deleted Files

Figure B: Select option

Step 3: Select the location of the folder from where you need to retrieve deleted music files and click on "Next" option to initiate the recovery process as shown in Figure C.

Recover Deleted Music from Recycle Bin - Select drive

Figure C: Select Drive

Step 4: On completion of the restoration process, the tool displays the recovered music files and you can preview the results in "Data Type View" or "File Type View" and if satisfied with the results you can save the recovery session using "Save Recovery Session" as shown in Figure C.

Recover Deleted Music from Recycle Bin - Preview

Figure D: Save Recovered File